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Young Adult Book Club!

Join us in the bookshop on Sunday, September 24th at 3:00 for our third Young Adult Book Club meeting where we'll discuss Goodbye Days by Jeff Zentner. 

"Where are you guys? Text me back. That’s the last message Carver Briggs will ever send his three best friends, Mars, Eli, and Blake. He never thought that it would lead to their death.

Now Carver can’t stop blaming himself for the accident and even worse, a powerful judge is pressuring the district attorney to open up a criminal investigation. 
Luckily, Carver has some unexpected allies: Eli’s girlfriend, the only person to stand by him at school; Dr. Mendez, his new therapist; and Blake’s grandmother, who asks Carver to spend a “goodbye day” together to share their memories and say a proper farewell.
Soon the other families are asking for their own goodbye day with Carver—but he’s unsure of their motives. Will they all be able to make peace with their losses, or will these goodbye days bring Carver one step closer to a complete breakdown or—even worse—prison?" - Penguin Random House

DISCLAIMER: YA stands for Young Adult, not middle grade. While YA Book Club is open to all ages 13 and up, if your reader is not allowed to watch PG-13 movies, this book may not fly with you. For a more detailed parent guide on this book, please review this listing on Common Sense Media