Located just off the main square, you’ll find titles for kids and adults and a fun collection of bookish gifts as well.
— Let Me Give You Some Advice: Helping Curious Families Explore More

Being part of someone’s plans to celebrate a milestone or to be the place someone looks forward to visiting is such an honor.
— owner Tiffany Lauderdale Phillips (from the article)

You’ll find a welcoming plethora of novels with the most beautiful covers and a slew of literary-themed gifts that will satisfy your bookish heart. The shop encourages you to pursue the curiosities of your imagination.

Entering the store feels like you’ve just received good news you weren’t expecting.
— Bob Batson, BOOK RIOT

I wanted people to find books that are going to inspire them, or make them excited about being alive, or make them feel like, ‘Oh, this is great storytelling,’ and lose themselves.
— owner Tiffany Lauderdale Phillips (from the article)

Independent bookstores are not just about the books, it’s about the experience of being around ideas and places you’ve never been before (through reading); it gives us a chance to find ourselves in others and understand each other’s perspectives.

We want people to feel part of something special — you can’t replicate that experience online.
— owner Tiffany Lauderdale Phillips (from the article)

(Nov. 3, 2016)

Indiana author Jessica Nunemaker's beautiful essay and photographs about her recent visit to the shop is here!

SHOP AROUND THE CORNER, with Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart. It’s just like that, or even the remake, YOU’VE GOT MAIL. It has that kind of magical feel.
— Jessica Nunemaker, LITTLE INDIANA


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