Entering the store feels like you’ve just received good news you weren’t expecting.
— Bob Batson, Book Riot

INDIANAPOLIS BUSINESS JOURNAL: Independent bookstores create worlds where print is alive and well

Wild Geese Bookshop

Housed in a lovely blue cottage, Wild Geese Bookshop looks like the set for an episode of ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Opened in 2016, it sells new books and literary-themed gifts.
— Lou Harry, Indianapolis Business Journal


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"I wanted people to find books that are going to inspire them, or make them excited about being alive, or make them feel like, 'Oh, this is great storytelling,' and lose themselves." -Tiffany Phillips 

Photo courtesy Scott Robinson of the Daily Journal

Photo courtesy Scott Robinson of the Daily Journal

The Daily Journal

“Independent bookstores are not just about the books, it’s about the experience of being around ideas and places you’ve never been before (through reading); it gives us a chance to find ourselves in others and understand each other’s perspectives.

We want people to feel part of something special  — you can’t replicate that experience online.” - Tiffany Phillips

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SOUTH Magazine

South Magazine featured the shop on the cover of their December issue and included us in the holiday shopping guide here.


Photo by Little Robot Photography

Photo by Little Robot Photography

The Franklin

The Franklin's Executive Editor and Reporter Leigh Durphey wrote the loveliest piece about the shop that you can read here. 

Little Indiana

Indiana author Jessica Nunemaker's beautiful essay and photographs about her recent visit to the shop is here!

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